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Leav & Steinberg celebrates our 20th Anniversary with an exceptional start to 2019; resolving over 75 cases in the first four months

It was just over 20 years ago that Daniel Leav & Edward Steinberg decided to venture out on their own and start a firm.  For several years it was just them and a small support staff; employee #1 hired in October 1999 and still with the firm today.   The firm has grown into a staff totaling 25 employees including 9 attorney’s.  We proudly celebrate our 20th anniversary in 2019.  As a measure of our success, the firm continues to get most of its clients from old happy clients as well as from other attorney’s who wish to have Leav & Steinberg, LLP handle their personal injury matters.

We are also proud to advise that we started off this year with record number of resolved matters including several million dollar cases.  Some of interest are:

$2.3 million for a  NJ resident, in his mid 20’s who was struck by a Canadian truck while driving on the NYS Thruway.  We were able to bring this action in the Southern District of New York and the matter proceeded to trial before being settled at private mediation.  The client had sustained a shoulder injury and also underwent a lumbar surgery.  The matter was referred to us by a NJ Law Firm that realized that while they could handle the matter in Federal Court, they wanted the expertise and experience of Leav & Steinberg to maximize the recovery for the client.

$1.3 million for a laborer working on the second avenue subway extension when he was injured while holding a concrete screed which fell and caused back and leg injuries.

$2 million dollar Medical Malpractice Settlement for a young boy who suffered hypoxic injury during birth.  We allege that the hospital and the OB-GYN did not timely diagnose the fetal stress and as a result the child was born with disabilities.  He has since gone on to perform well in school and is in mainstream classes.  This matter was a matter that Leav & Steinberg LLP was asked to handle because we had helped a family member many years ago and they were pleased with our work and were happy to call us again in a time of need.

$250,000.00 for a woman who was already disabled and was injured when she claimed an Access-A-Ride door was closed upon her as she was entering.  She had knee and shoulder injuries.  She had prior injuries to the same body parts but our firm was able to prove that this accident aggravated those injuries.

$900,000.00 for a student injured in High School Auto Shop Class when a vehicle coming off the lift struck and injured him; fracturing his femur.

$700,000.00  for a woman who fell when she caught her shopping cart on the leg of a display in a store.  She fell and fractured her hip resulting in her undergoing a total hip replacement.  The client was referred to the firm by a family member’s dear friend who Leav & Steinberg had helped in the past.  While the client herself had worked in the legal industry for over 20 years, she choose Leav & Steinberg based upon the recommendation and entrusted us with her case.

While the above are only a fraction of the matters we worked on, we are pleased to have helped so many people who called upon us when they most needed trusted legal advice and representation.

Finally, as a measure of our ongoing success, we have been retained by over 85 new clients this year as well.  To all our past client’s and those who refer cases, we thank you and look forward to another 20 years serving New York City and those who are injured as a result of others negligence.