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While only 2% of the registered vehicles in New York City are motorcycles, motorcyclists make up almost 14% of automobile fatalities in the five boroughs. Motorcycle accidents can lead to serious injuries and leave victims fighting against insurance companies to receive settlements. The accident attorneys at Leav & Steinberg LLP are familiar with the relevant laws and statutes for motorcycle accidents in New York. You can trust our knowledgeable legal staff to support you in filing a personal injury claim and advocating for a fair settlement.

Motorcycle Accidents in New York

Motorcycle riders are more susceptible to severe injuries than other drivers because their vehicles offer less protection. With only two wheels and no airbags, motorcycles leave their drivers more exposed to the impact of an auto accident. Because motorcycles are smaller and lower to the ground than most vehicles, it can be difficult for other drivers on the road to see them.

A 2017 study found that drivers were twice as likely to not see a motorcycle than a sedan. This potential lack of visibility results in dangerous situations that put motorcyclists at greater risk for automobile accidents. Also, potholes and other infrastructural issues in New York present additional hazards to motorcyclists that might not have as much of an impact on other cars.

How Do I Know When I Have a Motorcycle Accident Case?

Because the state’s insurance and liability laws differ for motorcycles and cars, victims of a motorcycle collision should consider hiring experienced motorcycle accident attorneys in New York. Motorcycles are not covered under New York’s no-fault laws, meaning that the rider may not be entitled to benefits for their medical bills and lost wages unless they can demonstrate that the other driver was at fault for the accident.

However, motorcyclists don’t have to prove that their injuries meet the serious injury requirement of Section 5102 of the Insurance Law. An injured motorcyclist can bring forth a claim against an at-fault driver and seek financial compensation for minor injuries that would not normally meet New York’s no-fault threshold.

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